Moldavian delegation visit to Latvia

An experience visit of Moldavian delegation was organised in Latvia from 17 to 21 of October by Latvian Rural Forum within the framework of a project financed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Latvia.

Delegation members, interested in rural development by fortifying the local initiatives and diversifying the local economy, visited good practice examples in Sēlija. Local NGOs introduced to delegation their activities and their strategies of development mainly based on the LEADER approach.

After 3 days of intensive work, the delegation went home inspired by the local stories and practices.

The next activity in this project will consist of public hearing of LRF’s experts’ elaborated regional development strategy entitled “Glodeni Golden Triangle”. This activity will take place in Glodeni region in Moldova.


All activities happens in the framework of the project “Support for the development of regions of Moldova and Georgia, by promoting the local partnerships and by improving national, regional and local governance capacities of planning and conducting the development actions”.” and have received a financial support from the budget 2018 for the cooperation development form The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Latvia.