Latvian Rural Forum encourages people to be active


Till the end of 2018 Latvian Rural Forum in a cooperation with partners form five Baltic Sea countries – Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is working to motivate people to find their OWN solutions, how they could add more physical activity to their life and enjoy JOY of physical activity as the part of the project „Villages on Move Baltic”.

One of the activities of the project is to collect ideas and events from sport clubs, sport event participants, rural schools, students and also rural citizen of different activities that have been implemented or exist just an interesting ideas to implement in future. Collected ideas and events will be gathered to create the digital platform, where everyone can find an information about the events they are interested or gain new ideas to try. This map is an oportunity to get inspiring information from five countries about the good practices of the healthy lifestyle.

Look at the idea and event digital map and find the inspiration which fits exacly for you! The map will be useful for organizing a family gathering, meeting with friends, inidividually or any other situation, including if you want to go on active leisure in one of the Baltic Sea countries.

Join all those active poeple who have already shared their ideas and share your ideas! At the moment we are collecting both – very common and simple ideas as well as unusual ideas or events that are connected with physical activities of healthy lifestyle.


Visit „Villages on Move” homepage and mark your place on the map by sharing ideas and activities


Press release in pdf format available HERE.

Latvian Rural Forum (LRF) is national level NGO that is established in 2004. LRF is mission is to promote  balanced development of rural areas of Latvia, in order to make rural areas of Latvia as place where live satisfied people who are able to fulfill their economic and social needs. LRF has 71 member organizations. More about LLF:



Anita Seļicka

Executive director

Latvian Rural Forum

Project “Villages on Move Baltic” is implemented in Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Sport Program of the European Union.