The Second Latvian Rural Communities Week

Latvian Rural Forum and Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation is organizing  the Second Latvian Rural Communities Week, which will take place from 27 to 31 October in all Latvian regions.
October 27 – Kastīre, Riebiņi municipality.
October 28 – Jaunanna, Apes and Alūksnes municipality.
October 29 – Amata
October 30 – Aizpute
October 31 – Iecava

Continuing work was started in The First Latvian Rural Communities week and The First Latvian Rural Parliament in 2013 – to strengthen the Latvian rural community development initiatives and to work with issues that are important, it is time to look at your community from other prospects. During discussions we will find out what the most active rural population thinks about the things that happen around us, share experiences and seek solutions to promising future for local communities in the global world. These discussions will strengthen our understanding of impact of global affairs on our lives and our daily priorities on global development. Therefore, in The Second Latvian Rural Communities week we will start to prepare for the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and it’s central event – Development Forum that will be held in 2015, the 3-5th June.